Monday, October 3, 2011

New logo: History 2

On September 26, A+E Networks relaunched its History International network as History 2, or H2 for short, with the slogan "More 2 History".

History International was launched as a spin-off from The History Channel, dedicated to documentaries about international history. It was one many channels launched 10-15 years ago to take advantage of the rollout of digital cable. The channel will reportedly keep some of its focus on international history, but will get more original programming. The original History channel has been succesful in the last few years with reality programming, shifting some of the history niche to its spin-off channel.

The logo takes the 'H' from the History logo, puts it on a flat plate and displays it at an angle. The H is flanked by a red 2, and the two are standing "shoulder to shoulder". When tilting the H, it appears they have simply projected the H on a flat surface, ignoring the many gradients in the H that already imply depth. (It looks a bit sloppy if you ask me.)

Previous logo.

The previous logo was derived from the 2008 logo for the History channel, with an added "orbit" to signify internationality.

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