Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New logo: Ica Basic

In Mid-September, Sweden's leading grocery store chain Ica launched Ica Basic, their new brand for discount groceries.

Since 1996, Ica's private label discount brand has been Euro Shopper, but sales have been disappointing, and that brand will be phased out as Ica Basic is expanded. The change brings all private label brands sold in Ica stores under one common umbrella brand. The main everyday product range is simply called "Ica", but there are also special niche brands such as "Ica Selection" for premium quality products, "Ica I love eco" for organic products and "Ica Gott liv" for healthy foods.

The packaging for Ica Basic is... well, basic. All packaging uses a template consisting of a red speech bubble with the product name and a red tablecloth with a simple yet attractive product shot against a white background.

The logo consists of the classic Ica logo with "Basic" written with a semi-slab serif called Museo 900. Slab serifs appear to be established typographic code for "cheap yet solid". Museo 900 is also used for the product names and descriptions.

Ica sent out a press release about the new brand on September 16, and it was launched about a week later.

Ica press release
Nordins näringslära

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