Friday, October 14, 2011

New logo: LU

Follow-up article: December 5

The French biscuit brand LU, or Lefèvre-Utile, originated in the mid-19th century. Today it is present in several international markets and is a part of Kraft Foods, after the multinational snacks company bought LU during one of its shopping sprees.

Recently, LU started using a refreshed logo on the French market. Dragon Rouge are credited for this redesign.

Previous logo.

LU has long been identified by two elongated white letters on a red rectangle. The first iteration of this logo was designed in the 1950s by Raymond Loewy. A redesign in the 1990s added a curl to the logo that revealed its yellow backside.

This latest redesign replaces the rectangle with a more dynamic irregular background plate. As is fashionable today, the letters now have rounded corners, and some slight drop shadows and bevels are included. It also adds the tagline "creator of biscuits since 1846".

One example of the "classic" LU logo.

A feature of Loewy's design had been that the logo ran from top to bottom on one side in horizontal packaging. This feature has been restored somewhat with the latest redesign. The new logo change doesn't seem to bring a radical packaging overhaul, but it interacts better with the biscuits.

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New packaging.

The new design has been used in the French home market at least since early September. No signs that it has launched into international markets yet.


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