Monday, October 3, 2011

New logo: Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, or Polarforskningssekretariatet in Swedish (28 letters!), is a government agency tasked with coordinating research and development in the polar regions. Last Thursday, September 29, it launched a new visual identity.

The new identity was created by Bror Rudi Creative, who got the assignment at the beginning of the year and were told to creative something clear and timeless. The team wanted to develop an identity that would work both within government and on polar expeditions, while communicating the agency's vision. They found inspiration in Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, a common and unique phenomenon for the two polar regions. Bror Rudi will continue providing graphic design services for the agency.

The following images were published by Bror Rudi:

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The logo in its proper environment.

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Graphical toolbox.

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Printed materials.

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Swedish Polar Research Secretariat press release

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