Thursday, October 27, 2011

New logos: ORF III and ORF Sport Plus

Yesterday, October 26 , the Austrian public broadcaster ORF launched two new TV channels, a cultural and informational programme succinctly named ORF III Kultur und Information and the sports channel ORF Sport Plus.

The two channels are replacing TW1, a tourism and weather channel managed by ORF. ORF Sport Plus was previously a programming block on TW1, but will now get its own channel space.

While ORF Sport Plus has a straight-forward elongated logo, while ORF III uses three trapeziums to make up the roman numeral 3. While not optimal for legibility, this solution could open the door to some creative animations in on-air graphics.

The logos of all four ORF TV channels can be seen below. ORF has apparently not aimed at consistency, using different typefaces for all logos and three different ways to express numbers.

ORF III was given a go-ahead from authorities in May, and its logo was already unveiled by then. The new logo for ORF Sport Plus was unveiled later on.

Launch of ORF III (the actual launch takes place towards the end of the video):

Launch of ORF Sport Plus:

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ORF Sport Plus
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