Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New logos: Polish Canal+ channels

Back in May, the French Canal+ group rebranded most of its thematic TV channels to link them together by adding a '+' to their names and adopting a coherent logo design. Canal+ also has a Polish branch, Canal+ Cyfrowy, and it announced in September that it was going to follow suit and rebrand its thematic channels as well, giving them similar logos and adding a '+' sign to their names.

It is not uncommon for Canal+ Cyfrowy to borrow business practices from its French counterpart, not least when it comes to branding. A brand decision made in France is often implemented by the Polish branch some months later.

The kids channel Teletoon+ (previously called ZigZap) was rebranded on October 1. The other channels are Ale Kino! (movies), Planete (documentaries), (food), Domo (home and garden), MiniMini (programmes for younger children) and Hyper (anime and video games), and they will all rebrand on November 11. At the same time, the channels will start broadcasting in high-defintion.

The new channel identities borrow elements from the French counterparts to varying degrees. Planete+ and Teletoon+ are essentially adapting logos and graphics designed for France, while Ale Kino+, Kuchnia+, Domo+ and Hyper+ are unique to the Polish market, and stand out somewhat by keeping the typeface from their previous logos instead of adopting the corporate Canal+ typeface.

Some examples of on-screen graphics and all the old and new logos after the jump.

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Planète logo

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