Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New logo: Belarus 1 and 2

The state broadcaster of Belarus, Belteleradio, is renaming its TV channels, uniting them with a common naming scheme and logo template.

"The First National Channel" will be renamed Belarus 1 on Saturday, November 5. It will remain the primary TV network in Belarus with diverse content, most of it produced in Belarus. Its purpose, as expressed by a leading figure in a newspaper article, is "to instill the citizens with love for their motherland, respect for the state and glory of our people, and not the nouveau riche and stars from abroad".

The second channel, Lad, follows on November 14 and becomes Belarus 2, a channel dedicated to sports and entertainment. Later on, the satellite channel Belarus TV will be transformed into a news channel called Belarus 24, and there are plans to launch an educational channel called Belarus 3.

The logos are made up of shiny squares inspired by the Belarusian flag with a large red field for a numeral, and a smaller green field for the word "Belarus".

Previous logos.

Below are some screengrabs from a promo and a news report, showing some of the new on-air graphics. The quality of the pictures isn't great, as they came from low-resolution wmv files.

Article from Беларусь сегодня

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