Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New logo: Brand USA

Yesterday, November 7, saw the unveiling of "Brand USA", a new brand to market the United States as a travel destination for tourists around the world. Behind it is the Corporation for Travel Promotion, an entity created last year to encourage tourism to the United States. Such bodies are commonplace in almost every industrialized country in the world, but the lone superpower has previously lacked a unified marketing effort.

The brand was launched at an event in London, and the visual identity was designed by The Brand Union. The agency went for an identity that communicates "diversity", a number of dots forming the letters USA, available in several different color combinations.
"According to Brand USA, the logo was created to be “fresh, welcoming and inclusive.” It aspires to remind the world that “the United States of Awesome Possibilities welcomes everyone.” It features a collection of dots joining together to compose the letters USA. The dots will serve as a vessel through which Brand USA can showcase diverse colors and images of people and destinations across America, emphasizing the boundless possibilities of the United States. It will not adhere to a single color scheme. The logo also displays the URL DiscoverAmerica.com, Brand USA’s official consumer web site." - Brand USA press release
A press release from The Brand Union adds that the design "captures the spirit of the United States: Authentic. Optimistic. Unexpected. Inclusive. Endless Possibilities."

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Color variations.

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Tote bag.

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Brand USA press release
Presentation pdf
Brand video

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