Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New logo: Coalition for the Future of Quebec

The Coalition for the Future of Quebec (or Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec in French) is an emerging political party in Quebec that hopes to establish itself as a centrist force, without too much focus on the question of Quebec sovereignty. The party was officially launched yesterday, November 14, as was its new logo.

As if to emphasize the party's willingness to work across party lines, the logo includes colours from other poltical parties. The symbol is also a combination of a C and and a Q, where the tail of the Q is made up of an extra large pie-slice. Another politicial part, the centre-left Parti Québécois, has a logo that features a Q with a very similar tail.

Quebecois media are crediting the logo to an agency called Réservoir.

Previous logo.

Stacked lock-up.


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