Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New logo: DocMorris

DocMorris is a Netherlands-based pharmaceutical retailer, which started out as an online mail order business, but later opened pharmacies in a handful of European countries. Earlier this year, it introduced a slight brand revitalisation.

In October, the Düsseldorf agency KW43 announced that they were behind the modernised brand identity.

"'For the new logo, the distinctive DocMorris green was kept, the green bars above and below the name disappeared. The letters are friendlier and more readable. The cross, as the dot on the i, we've recognised as a central element and emphasized visually.', explained Professor Rüdiger Goetz, creative directir of KW43. 'These changes allow the brand DocMorris to act more modern, friendly and competent', adds Michael Rewals, director of consulting. 'The common design language is both attractive, as well as sales and user-oriented. And thereby it convincingly embodies the modern form of the pharmacy." - KW43 case study (translated from German)
The implementation probably started quietly last spring in some markets, and is today used in Sweden, Ireland, Italy and Germany.

Previous logo.

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