Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New logo: Dr Gerard

Dr Gerard is a Polish brand for sweet biscuits. At the beginning of the year, it launched a modernised visual identity, created by Studio Projektowe IKAR in Warsaw.

The new logo is not only heart-shaped, it also contains a subtle "satisfied" smile. The golden outline is intended to emphasize the heart and add a premium character. The script wordmark was crafted specifically for this logo, "reflecting the care with which the company's products are prepared".

The company behind the brand is now also called Dr Gerard, but was known as Lider'S-KG until it took the name of its primary brand earlier this year. It is currently a part of the French Groupe Poult.

The new design was first introduced around January-February. Studio IKAR took credit for the design in April, and Polish trade media reported on the changes in May. The first product to receive the new design was "PryncyPałki", wafer sticks with dark chocolate cover, one of the company's most popular products.

Previous logo.

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New packaging.

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An example of the previous packaging.

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