Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New logo: Mola and Tento

Tento and Mola are two consumer brands for "hygiene tissue" (paper towels, toilet paper and handkerchiefs) sold in Central Europe and owned by the Finnish hygiene paper company MetsäTissue. Mola is used in Poland and Russia, while Tento can be found in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Some months ago, probably during the summer, both introduced a new look.

During the last couple of years, the two brands have used a common packaging design and similar logos with a daisy flower sprouting up behind the wordmark. The daisy has been Mola's symbol for several years, and its last iteration was adopted in 2008. Tento adopted the daisy in 2009 when it aligned itself with Mola's branding. Before this, the two names had independent brand designs.

This latest rebrand ties Tento and Mola closer to the brand platform used by the similar Serla brand in the Nordic countries. The creepy squirrels that signify Serla are now also used by Tento and Mola on packaging and in advertising. Although they haven't adopted Serla's leaf logo, the updated logos feature a leaf-like background plate.

Mola logo 2008-2011.

Tento logo 2009-2011.

Mola logo before 2008.

Tento logo before 2009.

Some samples of the new packaging:

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More packaging
On the 2008/2009 rebrand

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