Thursday, November 3, 2011

New logo: More4

Today it was announced that More 4, a digital TV channel owned by the UK broadcaster Channel 4, is about to be relaunched with a new focus in January. The colourful logo seen above came with the announcement.

More4 was launched in October 2005 as a somewhat highbrow entertainment channel with documentaries, current affairs, drama, comedy and lifestyle programmes. It was one of the many off-shoots launched by the country's three commercial terrestrial television broadcasters around that time.

The "re-focusing" will see More4 give up what is left of its documentary, current affairs and arts programmes. Instead it will mostly feature programmes in the lifestyle genre, or "life enhancing content, helping viewers to get the most out of their everyday lives".

Update: Motion design studio ManvsMachine have tweeted that they are currently working on the rebrand of More4.

Current logo.

The current More4 identity was developed by the design agency Spin and had been used since the channel launched.

Channel 4 press release

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