Thursday, November 24, 2011

New logo: TC. Transcontinental

Yesterday, November 23, the Canadian print media company Transcontinental changed its name to TC. Transcontinental to "better reflect its evolution into a leading player in the new marketing communications landscape". Based in Montreal, TC. Continental owns several newspapers and magazines.
"Beyond the truncation of the word Transcontinental, the ‘t’ in the new ‘tc’ stands for technology, while the ‘c’ represents community. In the chosen typography, the bold, upright ‘t’ embodies confidence and solidity. The ‘c’, with its generous opening, signifies willingness to communicate. The red dot from the former logo is transformed into a black one, which represents the digital economy as well as the point of contact between the company and its customers. The logo is black or white, depending on context and usage. Keeping the main typographic element devoid of color will allow the use of various colors to illustrate sub-brands." - Press release
The company's two divisions are now called TC. Media and TC. Transcontinental Publishing. It has also secured the domain name (.tc is the top-level domain for Turks and Caicos), which is currently redirecting to
The new brand identity was developed with two Montreal-based firms, the brand consultancy Cohesion Strategies and the advertising/design agency Bleublancrouge.

Previous logo.

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Corporate and division logos.

Press release
Press release pdf

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