Thursday, December 15, 2011

New logo: Frosta

Frosta is a German brand of frozen food, including fish, vegetables and ready-meals, available in Germany, Austria and several East European markets. This spring, Frosta started introducing a refreshed logo and packaging design.

The refresh adds a green plate to the logo that includes a "purity seal" and a slogan that touts the product's lack of artificial ingredients. For the German market, the slogan is 100% echt Genuss ("100% real enjoyment").

The logo itself has given up many of its bevels and gradients. The logo-type that dates back to the 1960s has been modernised, keeping the classic lowercase O, but straightening up the tilted A and adding some rounded corners. The packaging has been overhauled to also highlight the natural ingredients.

Previous logo.

Frosta's website provides a brief history of how the logo has evolved through the years. One might add that the Central European markets didn't adopt the more recent logos with a yellow element, and have held on to the "2000" logo until now.

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Logo history, published by Frosta.

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Previous packaging.

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New packaging.

A blog post announcing the change was published in March 2011, stating that the rollout would start in April.

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