Friday, December 23, 2011

New logo: NHL Network

NHL Network is an American cable network dedicated to coverage of the National Hockey League and ice hockey in general. The day after Christmas Day, December 26, the network islaunching a new look along with some significant new programming.

Compared to the more modern logo the network has used until now, the new logo is more aligned with NHL aesthetics, featuring the shield also used by NHL.

The sports branding boutique Studio1 were involved in the rebrand. The new network ID can be seen on their website.

Current logo, possibly introduced in 2009.
"The NHL Network is the premier television network for hockey. As the Network has grown, the need for a vibrant, adaptable and enduring logo mark became an essential goal. The aim: to create a signature mark that is iconic and instantly recognizable in order to raise the Network’s profile to its rightful place in the echelon of elite sports league television programming with NFL, NBA, and MLB. Studio1 worked along side PMcD to create the accepted mark.

The new logo was to be more adaptable across multi platform environments with numerous application possibilities.
" - Studio 1 on the new logo

The logo used before the current one.

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A still from the new network ID.

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