Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New look: ORF 2

ORF 2 is the most watched TV channel in Austria, part of the state broadcaster ORF. Its schedule has a conventional European public service profile with culture, information, regional news and German drama, unlike ORF 1 which features lots of imported series and movies.

Yesterday, December 13, it was announced that ORF 2 is going to launch a new look on January 9, 2012, almost exactly one after its sister channel ORF 1, which launched a new look on January 8 this year, altering its name to "ORF eins" at the same time.

The new on-air graphics are based around a vertical "navigation bar" at the center of the screen. The bar splits the screen into two parts, generating a theme of duality inspired by the channel's name. This is most obvious in the idents and break bumpers that feature different sets of twins, ordinary people supposed to represent the audience, not models or celebrities.

A new colour scheme of red and white, Austria's national colours, dominates all graphics, emphasising the broadcaster's strong Autrian roots and content. The logo has received some adjustment to fit wit the new graphics, removing the gap between the 'ORF' and '2' boxes.

In addition to new audiovisual design for TV continuity, ORF 2 will also launch new intros for its regional news programmes.

Current logo.

ORF 2's logo dates back to the corporate identity programme created by DMC and Neville Brody for ORF in the early 1990s. The colours have changed a few times in the following decades, red being used since the year 2000. The current on-air design was introduced in 2007.

ORF has released a bunch of stills from the new graphics that have been published by several newspapers. Die Presse has put together a slideshow of these images.

The current ident can be seen below for comparison.

Current ident.

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