Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New logo: YLE

YLE (an abbrevation of Yleisradio, meaning "Broadcasting") is Finland's national broadcaster. Yesterday, December 19, YLE revealed a new corporate identity, scheduled for launch in March 2012. The stated reason for this is "to help the Finns find and recognise YLE content". It is also said to be "a way to get closer to the Finns".

The new logo consists of a square with rounded corners and "YLE" written in lowercase with fashionable typeface. The colour is said to be a combination of the blue and green from the previous logo, but YLE also acknowledges that the new colour is "clearer and fresher" than the previous.

Most of the work on the new identity was done in-house at YLE, by a team lead by Tuire Nuolivirta. New typefaces were developed by Finnish typographer Saku Heinänen. The work is rooted in YLE's core values - Finnishness, reliablity, versatility, independence and respect for the human being.

YLE's TV channels will also launch new identites when the new corporate logo goes live in March. Much of the identity work isn't finished yet, so expect more news on this next year.

Previous logo.

YLE's previous logo was introduced around 1999/2000.

This will be YLE's fifth logo in if 85 year history. During the first of the years, YLE, or "Soumen Yleisradio" as was known then, didn't have proper logo.

According to YLE, the company got its first trademark symbol in 1940. It was a friendly, patriotic image of a radio transmitter, broadcasting across Finland. A slightly altered version of this logo was adopted by one of the radio networks, Radio Soumi, a few years ago.

In the 1960s, the logo was amended with a TV screen after the arrival of television.

As YLE faced more competition, it became increasingly obvious that the quaint 1940s symbol couldn't properly represent a modern media company, not least internationally. Yet, YLE didn't introduce a modern symbol until 1990; five "rings" that may be interpreted as transmissions from a broadcasting tower.

The 1990 symbol was technically complex and never really adopted by YLE's television channels, other than as an eerie animation shown when programmes began or ended for the day. In the late 1990s, a new corporate symbol was commissioned that could act as an umbrella brand to tie together different YLE outlets and departments. The new logo was simple and versatile and could easily be used by all outlets.

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