Thursday, December 1, 2011

Olympic bid logo: Tokyo 2020

After the Winter Olympics for 2018 were awarded to PyeongChang in South Korea this summer, the process to select the host for the 2020 Summer Games went into high gear. Six approved bids have been submitted to the International Olympic Committee, and over the coming months they will all reveal their bid logos.

The first one out was Tokyo, who revealed their Applicant City logo yesterday, November 30, at the Tokyo Mode Gakuen design school. It depicts a circular arrangement of cherry blossoms, a flower commonly used as a symbol of Japan and its culture. The five Olympic colors are all represented with the addition of Edo purple, a color traditionally associated with Tokyo.

The logo was selected through a contest won by Ai Shimamine, a fourth year art student.

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  1. not sure. it's colorful but doesn't really say anything about the Olympics. it's nice though.

  2. Must say that I found Qatar's and Tokyo's logos are better than other applicant cities especially Baku. It doesn't really make ant sense. It's like a puzzle and we have to figure it out :)