Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New logo: Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, the German equivalent the BBC World Service or Voice of America. It started regular broadcasts in 1953, and now has radio and TV channels around the world in several languages. Today, January 31, it announced a new corporate identity, along with several changes to its television service. It will now operate six television feeds with different mixes of programming in German, English, Spanish and/or Arabic for different regions.

The new programming launches February 6, and one can guess that the new corporate identity launches on that day as well.

Current logo.

The current symbol has been used since the 1990s.
"A new corporate identity has been developed to unite the organization -- including the new television and online services. Bettermann said that more and more countries are looking for attention in the battle for opinions around the globe. "With this in mind, the new corporate design is an essential investment for a successful presence in the international media industry." He went on to say that the numerous new platforms and distribution channels that are available require an overarching concept to ensure that an organization is quickly recognized and hard to forget.

Deutsche Welle has adapted to these conditions. In the future, the organization will be represented by a single logo that reflects all of its services -- around the world and in every language.

- Press release

Deutsche Welle have released a few mock-ups of a new website:

Medienmarke DW / One brand, all media – TV-Spot

Medienmarke DW / One brand, all media – Die neue Webseite mobil / The new website mobile

Medienmarke DW / One brand, all media – Die neue Webseite / The new website

Marketwire 1 (archive)
Marketwire 2 (archive)
Presseportal (archive)

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