Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New logo: Universal Pictures

Of the "big 6" movie studios in the United States, five were founded in the 1910s. The two oldest, Paramount and Universal, were founded in 1912, meaning this year is their 100th anniversary. It has become customary to celebrate these anniversaries with altered versions of the animations the studios use to open their films. This time, the 100-year-olds have not only adapted their existing intros, they have introduced completely new animations. Paramount was first to reveal its new intro in December, and yesterday, January 10, it was time for Universal Pictures to reveal its anniversary intro.

Unlike Paramount, Universal has also introduced introduced a new logo-type, finally ditching the Copperplate-like letters for something resembling Gotham.

At the moment we only have a static version of the new intro. Universal are saving the fully animated version for the premiere of The Lorax in February. After this the new intro will be used on all new films, presumably with the phrase "100th anniversary" removed next year. The current Universal intro was introduced in 1997.

Other elements of Universal's anniversary celebration are restorations of 13 classic films, and a dedicated website.

Print version of the new logo.

Current intro.


Press release (archive)
The Hollywood Reporter

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