Monday, January 23, 2012

New logo: Watch

Today, January 23, saw the unveiling of a new logo for the UK entertainment channel Watch, part of the multichannel broadcaster UKTV. Watch was launched in 2008 and has recently started to solidify its intended position as the company's flagship channel.

The new look was created by DixonBaxi and will launch on screen on February 7. As of today, we only have the logo itself, a black and red sphere. Other elements will probably be released later on.

This will be the third logo change in the channel's short history. The original identity, produced by Red Bee Media, was centered around a large eye. In September 2010 it was replaced by a simpler logo, supported by idents produced by Harriman Steel.

Update February 8: Well, February 7 came and went without a logo change for Watch. It looks like the redesign will launch in about a month.

Current logo, introduced in 2010.

Watch logo between 2008-2010.

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