Friday, February 24, 2012

New logo: Associated Press

Yesterday, February 23, the Associated Press (usually known as the AP) unveiled a new visual identity, its first logo change in 30 years. The new identity system was developed with the New York agency Objective Subject.

It keeps the two letters that signify the news agency at the center. To allow continuity with the previous mark, the new letters have some stencil characteristics, and the red color is kept in form of an underline, "just like it would underline an important fact".

The letters are always enclosed by a "container" in the form of a white square. In that sense, the image above is slightly misleading, as the square disappears against a white background.

The red line, which is referred to as the "prompt", can also be used as a separate element. Another new visual property is a series of "watermarks" - lines inspired by the AP letterforms that can be used as backgrounds and supporting graphics.

Previous logo, allegedly introduced in 1981.

Six older AP logos.

"The identity system significantly expands the range of colors and designs available for use in AP products and services. The new logo draws on the legacy of the old one, employing the well-recognized stencil pattern, but the AP logotype is now black, with a bold red line underscoring it. The logotype and line are encased in a white holding box. The creative system was developed by the New York design firm Objective Subject.

The system employs a master-brand approach, with all business units, products and services united under a single logo. Curley has worked to bring the company’s array of offerings – from content products in all formats to media services such as the software system ENPS and Global Media Services – under one look and feel since he joined AP in 2003. The new identity system will be rolled out in stages throughout the next year, with first appearances on the upcoming new AP Mobile news app and on the first phase of a new website, which will go live in March. New video, archive and images sites will follow in 2012 and also carry the new logo and look.
" - Press release

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A development video posted by Objective Subject:

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  1. The old one is much better new one is so bland and boring