Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New logo:, an international website for booking hotel rooms online, unveiled a new visual identity yesterday, February 14.

Until now, have used a red logo in United States and Canada and a completely different yellow script logo for the rest of the world. A press release states the new logo is part of a "globally unified marketing platform", the new wordmark has been implemented on the North American websites, while the other versions are still using the yellow logo. The same release states that the new look will launch in full during Q2 in most countries.
"Colorful and bold, the new logo is a visually striking way of showcasing the expertise and presence in the travel and hotel industries. The new “H” logo represents the abundance of choices provides in destinations, hotel types, and price points. With offering so many resources to consumers like ever-changing hotel sales and deals, Welcome Rewards® loyalty program, last-minute deals and mobile booking options, the new “H” logo, along with several complimentary sub-logos, will easily differentiate which sales fall under which categories, making online hotel room shopping even more seamless than before." - Press release
Previous logo (United States/Canada).

Logo used in the rest of the world.

The previous logos were both introduced around 2008. The global identity was developed by Lambie-Nairn. Before that, the website used a very web 1.0 logo with a cartoon bellman that was introduced in 2002.

Horizontal version of the new logo.

Press release (archive)


  1. Hey, Really great work, I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us,

  2. why is every time I go to the logo changes? They seem to have no idea on how to launch a brand. No Tv advertising no billboards, nothing! I can only guess they are fighting in the office over which logo they like the most,