Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New logo: Humanis

Humanis is a new French insurance company within "social protection" - pensions, health care and social insurance - formed on January 26 with the merger of two major companies within the field, Novalis Taitbout and (the old) Humanis. The new identity was also revealed last month and created by Bocékozi, part of Groupe Chaïkana.

The name Humanis signals the company's commitment to put people in the center. Humanity and commitment is also reflected in the wordmark, which resembles a signature, an image of human commitment. The company symbol is a red square with a large smile, expressing the fulfillment and spontaneity of life.
"We started with a simple idea: HUMANIS, I write your name... because signing is to commit. Commitment is a strong value for the Humanis group, that we wanted to live in the brand signature: To protect is to engage" - Bocékozi creative director Cyril Duval in a press release (translated from French)
Novalis Taitbout logo.

Previous Humanis logo.

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  1. L'ancien logo me fait penser au logo de la Citroen DS3