Friday, February 10, 2012

New logo: Metsä

Metsäliitto, meaning "Forest Union", a Finnish forestry group, founded in 1947. Yesterday, February 9, it announced it had shortened its name to Metsä as part of a corporate restructuring. The company's subsidiaries, many of which had been branded independently, will now all use "Metsä" in their names. The entire corporation is also adopting a green moose symbol. The typeface used in the logos is Benton Sans Black.
"Our new and impressive logo consists of the company name, Metsä, and the head of a moose majestically holding a forest on its antlers. The colour of the logo, a fresh green, symbolises renewal and insight into the future. Building on an impressive history, Metsä Group strongly focuses on the future. The head of the moose is a modernised version of our earlier logo, and the word Metsä – Finnish for “forest” – is suggestive of the origin of our company and many of our top products.

Sustainable development is important to us, and our new visual identity reflects this focus through images, messages and colours. The harmonious colour scheme of the Metsä Group comes directly from nature. We will also send a clearer message through words and images of our sustainable operations and top-quality products that bring well-being into everyday life. Metsä is part of all the good moments in life!
" - From Metsä's brand book

Previous logo.

The moose isn't a completely new symbol. It has historically been used within the concern, but seems to have been dormant for the last decade. The revived moose has lost its ears, its horns have been trimmed and the snout is shorter.

Old moose. New moose.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stacked version of the new logo.

As mentioned above, Metsä's five business areas are now using the Metsä name, some of them were previously independently branded. The outgoing logos can be seen below.
  • Metsä Wood, previously Metsäliitto Wood Products Industry (Finland) and Finnforest (internationally)
  • Metsä Fibre, previously Botnia
  • Metsä Tissue
  • Metsä Board, previously M-Real
  • Metsä Forest, the company's wood supply business

Metsälitto's current logo (near the top of this page) was a plain green wordmark. Until a few years ago it was flanked by an icon, as seen below.

Used for most of the 2000s.

Used until the early 2000s.

Brand page
Press release (archive)

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