Friday, February 3, 2012

New logo: Telecel Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean mobile phone operator Telecel has officially introduced a new corporate identity yesterday. Until now, the company has identified itself with a blue orb, but the company now adopts a lowercase T on a red circle.

Previous logo.

Telecel is a part of the Orascom Group, which also includes a Telecel-branded operation in the Central African Republic. Some reports say those Telecel operations have also rebranded recently.

While it seems the new logo was officialy launched on February 2, some stores have displayed it for a couple of weeeks prior to that.

From Telecel's brand page
Telecel Zimbabwe is changing its corporate colours to red and white, as part of a Telecel group-wide rebranding exercise.

It is also changing its logo from the familiar blue globe to a simple red or white letter 't' within a circle with a white or red background.

The changes give Telecel Zimbabwe a new modern look and feel. They reflect a change in the way the company looks and operates.

The rebranding exercise, which other companies within the Telecel group have already completed, is intended to harmonise Telecel branding across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The visual rebranding is accompanied by changes in the way Telecel Zimbabwe operates, changes based on the brand values of simplicity, innovation and offering the best value for money.
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New advertising style.

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Previous advertising style.

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