Sunday, February 19, 2012

New logo: Windows 8

Last Monday, February 13, several tech websites lit up after the Chinese website CNBeta had published some allegedly leaked images of the logo for Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8. It marked a break with the multicolored "flag" that had been seen by Windows users since the introduction of Windows 3.1 twenty years ago.

Microsoft confirmed the new logo on Friday, February 17, with a post on the official Windows blog. The team behind Windows 8 intends it to be "a complete reimagination" of the OS, and that also reflects the "reimagined" logo. Microsoft worked with Pentagram to design the new Windows logo, and the Pentagram team was headed by Paula Scher. Early in the development she allegedly asked, "Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?", which is a good summary of the rationale behind the design.

Both Microsoft and Pentagram have posted articles with lots of details on the rebrand, and they are recommended reading if you want to learn more.

Windows Team Blog (archive)
Pentagram (archive)

The logo as it looked in its leaked form.

Pentagram have also posted these very rudementary animations of the Windows logo.


  1. Windows keeps on building on its seriusness and boringness despite of the great, freash, dinamic and notoriuous windows 8 interface! There is not allignement between the identity and the new windows 8 value proposal: openess, social media, connection, etc..

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