Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New look: Carr's

Carr's is a British brand for "premium" crackers of the kind you usually eat with French cheeses. Tracing its roots back to 1831, it now belongs United Biscuits, whose most famous brand in McVitie's.

Last year, Carr's introduced a new packaging desing, created by JKR. The previous packaging was relatively stripped down with a dominating dark blue background and classic typography. It was felt this design didn't fascilitate shelf navigation appropriately, and JKR set out to contemporise the design and differentiate the product lines.
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Previous packaging.
From JKR:

"With this in mind, the new design aims to give the brand a more contemporary feel, while building awareness around the brand’s wide array of products. From the classic Table Water biscuits to Carr’s Melts, there is now a more defined design architecture to help consumers navigate the range while giving the brand a greater sociable feel.

“The main ambition was to build conviviality and make the brand more relevant to a modern audience, while staying true to Carr’s long established heritage. Colour was a key tool which we adopted to help navigation and inject some more personality into this well known brand.” Donna Trist, Design Director, jkr.
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Christmas tin.

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New packaging.

JKR (archive)

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