Thursday, February 9, 2012

New look: Finish

Finish is a global brand for dish-washing detergent belonging to Reckitt Benckiser (RB). In some markets it has previously used names like Calgonit and Electrasol, but RB have worked to harmonize the brand name worldwide.

Last year brought a new look to Finish. The redesign isn't a radical change, instead it builds on existing visuals, bringing them up to contemporary standards. The logo has been cleaned up and the outdated bevels and gradients have been replaced by a more advanced and fine-tuned treatment.

A British article says the new look was introduced in the UK during September. Its is currently being rolled out worldwide.

Previous logo.

The previous logos for Finish and Calgonit were introduced in 1999, with the introduction of the new Powerball technology that appeared in the logo in the form of a red glowing tittle. The logo was remodelled in 2006, adding some bevels and gradients seen above, without fundamentally changing its integrity.

Previous packaging.

New packaging.

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