Friday, February 10, 2012

Olympic bid logo: Doha 2020

Qatar's capital city Doha unveiled the logo for its Olympic bid today, February 10, at a "Family Fun Day" in the city. They also unveiled the bid's official slogan, "Inspiring Change". As one can see, the logo depicts a colourful tree. Purple, the colour of the Qatari flag, is used for the trunk and the wordmark.

"Inspired by the Arabic word for Doha ‘ad-dawha’ - or ‘the nurturing tree’ - referenced in Arabic poetry as a place of generosity and nurturing, Doha 2020’s logo captures the essence of modern Doha – a place of nurturing for all to experience and to learn." - Press release
Doha is one of several cities bidding for the 2020 Olympics, who were also trying to land the 2016 Olympics. The logo they used back then can be seen below. It was called the "Flower of the Spring" and represented "the vital and energetic spirit of the season".

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