Monday, March 5, 2012

New logo: Belfius

Dexia is a Belgian-French financial institution that got into trouble following the financial crisis. The Belgian banking operations were split off and taken over by the Belgian government. Recently, it announced that it would change its name from Dexia Bank Belgium to Belfius, and a new logo was unveiled on March 1.

The name is a combination of Belgium (Bel-), finance (-fi-) and the English word "us", summarizing the comapny's mission, which is to be a bank with local roots that listens to and learns from its costumers. The name is also easy to pronounce is many European languages. The new logo features an equal sign, to signal that the bank considers its costumers to be its equals.

The new corporate identity is credited to Hoet & Hoet and the bank's communication bureau Boondoggle.

The new look will be phased in over time, a new website is scheduled for mid-march.

The namechange only applies to the Belgian banking arm. The Dexia logo was introduced in the late 1990s, and was a simplification of an earlier logo.

Dexia logo.

An earlier Dexia logo, used during the 1990s.

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