Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New logo: EVO

EVO is a new Spanish bank brand, unveiled on Monday, March 12, by NCG Banco, a Spanish banking group created last year. NCG Banco has its base in north-western Spain, were it is using the name Novagalicia Banco towards consumers, a name that was introduced in October last year. The new brand will be used for activities in the rest of Spain.

The EVO brand is built on smart banking and providing easy service to its consumers, a concept called Banca Inteligente. Visually, the identity relies on black and white, with a simple and solid logo. The symbol is said to include both a B and an I, from the slogan.

The identity was developed by Saffron Brand Consultants' Madrid office.

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NCG Banco (archive)
EVO Banco (archive)


  1. You are wrong. The north-eastern Spain is Catalonia. Do you reffer the northwest of Spain (the León province, Asturias and Galicia), the origin of the savying banks that were joined in a privatisation and joint venture, Caixanova and Caixa Galicia. They also will use the Novagalicia Banco name outside Spain.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that sloppy error, of course I meant north-western Spain. Fixed now.

  2. Cool brand logo! I'd love to see more applications