Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New logo: Investigation Discovery

ID: Investigation Discovery, a U.S. cable network dedicated to crime documentaries, introduced a new visual identity yesterday, March 26, finally dropping Discovery's globe.

ID launched in January 2008, replacing the unsuccessful contemporary history channel Discovery Times. Since then, the channel has had tremendous success; last year it was the fastest growing cable channel in the U.S. The new identity is partly an expression of that growth. The tilted logo is an integrated part of a larger graphics package.

Previous logo.

Investigation Discovery's launch identity was created by Stun Creative and Buster Design. The logo was remodeled in 2010, when it was given a metallic treatment and a new typeface.

ID: Investigation Discovery's original logo, used at launch.

Unfortunately, there aren't many visuals available from the new identity at the moment.

Investigation Discovery is also available in several international markets, and they are probably not immediately affected by this change.



  1. Isn´t a little too InDesign?

  2. What I like about it is that the simplified ID invokes the image of a bullet.

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