Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New logo: Poznań Airport

Poznań-Ławica Airport is an airport located in Poznań, Poland's fifth largest city, and one of its oldest. Yesterday, it unveiled a new logo.

The logo was created at an agency called Diagram Branding Design and is inspired by the star in Poznań's city logo, but also resembles and airplane and the letter L. The blue colour also comes from Poznań's logo, as is contrasted with a vibrant amaranth.

Previous logo.

The old logo was reportedly introduced in 1997 and designed by a designer named Jerzy Gendera from an agency called Orson.

The new identity will be adopted upon the completion of a new passanger terminal, expected before UEFA Euro 2012, when Poznań will host some matches.

Poznań's city logo.

Port Lotniczy Poznań-Ławica


  1. haha, the new logo is a disaster just like the previous one... Who approved this? An arrow pointing left and down is the worst thing you can do in a logo...

  2. Is that a crashing plane?!