Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New logo: Russian Venture Capital

Russian Venture Capital (RVC) is a Russian development fund, established by the Russian government in 2006. Last Friday, March 23, RVC unveiled a new corporate identity to reflect recent changes within the company, developed with Strategic Consulting Group, a London consultancy with many Russian clients.

The five triangles that point in different directions should communicate two ideas, "exporting Russian business ideas and the development of Russian business abroad" as well as international investments in Russia. The logo was apparently inspired by John Conway's Game of Life.

Previous logo.

The full Russian name, Rossiyskaya Venchurnaya Kompaniya, seem to be deprecated, and the company will now primarily market itself with its initials.

The English version of the logo will carry the tag "Russian Venture Capital" in the first few years.

The triangles in the logo are placed in an "invisible" grid. That grid can also be used a pattern. New marks for sub-brands and projects are created with the same pattern, three blue triangles and two in a complementing colour.

Press release (archive)
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