Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New logo: Actimel

Actimel is a "probiotic" yogurt drink manufactured by the global dairy group Danone and sold in Europe, Latin America and North America (where it is known as DanActive). This month it has introduced a revitalised visual identity in the UK, created by Dragon Rouge in London.

The most noticeable part of the redesign is an overhaul of the brand logo, probably the most substantial redesign of Actimel's logo since its launch

Actimel's visual identity differs a bit between markets, but the logo has typically used a purple serifa for 'Acti-' and a blue san-serif for '-mel', with a yellow arch tying them together. The new logo introduces a contemporary typeface and drops the arch for a sunrise icon. A sunrise has previously featured on the Actimel bottles.

The new packaging reportedly hit UK stores on April 10. The new look is also already in use in Poland. It remains to be seen if other markets follow.

A previous Actimel logo.

Below you'll find two bottles with designs introduced prior to this one.

"Dragon Rouge was assigned as the agency of choice in the UK. The aim was to simplify and modernise the packaging, whilst helping achieve impactful brand blocking and ease of navigation within the complicated fixture of yoghurt based drinks through increased brand stand out and clearer flavour differentiation.

We incorporated the new, unified brand mark that heroes the iconic shape of the Actimel bottle. The outline of the bottle cradles key brand components, including the Danone corporate mark and the new warmer, more approachable Actimel logo. The new pack design is simple and modern, using a typographic style that communicates enjoyment and accomplishment and this is strengthened by the choice of vibrant colours used across all 13 variants in the range. The use of the sunrise iconography, positioned above the name, reflects morning and a time when most Actimel is consumed.

- Dragon Rouge
Some new packaging from Poland and the UK:

Dragon Rouge (archive)

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