Friday, April 20, 2012

New logo: Česká televize

The Czech state television company, Česká televize (ČT), unveiled a new corporate identity yesterday, April 19. Czech viewers will see it on their TV screens in September.

Since 2007, ČT's channels haven't used the corporate logo in their identities, and management saw a need for a corporate presence on-screen. The existing logo was out-dated, and a previous attempt at creating something completely new hadn't worked out, so the brief was to evolve the existing logo.

The new identity was created by the Czech design agency Studio Najbrt, and preserves the screen from ČT's classic logo. Unlike the previous symbol, it is not made up of letters, rather what is described as "abstract shapes" (although they look a lot like parentheses). The new symbol will also be present in the logos of the different channels. The sans serif typeface is apparently custom-made.

This rebrand marks the end of Česká televize's classic logo that has been in use for 50 years with incremental changes. It was originally created for the Czechoslovak television company by an allegedly unknown person, a quite clever combination of the initials Č and T to form a television set. An 'S' was added in the 1970s to acknowledge the Slovaks, and removed again once they formed their own republic. The version below is dated 1997 and credited to Lambie-Nairn.

Previous logo.

Czech Television decided to rebrand itself back in 2006 with new logos for its four channels. The new identity was developed by Štěpán Malovec and the result was presented in the autumn. The new minimalistic channel logos were launched in early 2007.

Malovec also created a new corporate logo to fit with this rebrand, but ČT didn't feel enough confidence in it to let it replace the classic screen logo. This led to a somewhat odd (but not unique) situation where the channel logos derived from the corporate logo were used, but the corporate logo itself wasn't.

Malovec's discarded corporate logo.

Channel logos introduced in 2007.

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New channel logos.

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A glossy version of the new logo.

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A CEO and his logo.

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Cameras and microphones

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Channel bug.

ČT24 (archive)

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  1. I actually prefer the minimalistic logos. They give the channels a sense of independance, but still link them together with the uniform box idea. I also prefer the proposed 2006 corporate logo, although the negative in the C, from the T stalk, can be quite ambiguous...