Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New logo: Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Interstate Hotels & Resorts is an American hotel management company that manages nearly 400 hotels around the world, although most of them are located in the United States. In March, it launched a new corporate identity that was created "to better communicate the Company’s position as the only large-scale, U.S.-based hotel management company with a global footprint".
"'The new Interstate Hotels & Resorts’ identity reflects and unites our global reach, strength, world-class operations and leadership position in the industry,' said Jim Abrahamson, Interstate’s chief executive officer. 'We hold a unique position in our industry that separates us from our competitors. The new logo graphically expresses our brand strategy, vision and mission to internal and external audiences and serves to integrate a consistent brand in all regions across the globe.'

The new logo features a stylized globe with an 'I' in the center. The logo pallette features a dark vibrant blue and distinguished dark gray against a white background. The logo will be deployed along with the company’s positioning statement, 'Our Experience, Your Success,' that capsulizes the company’s proficency, depth, personalized attention, and proprietary systems
which drive results for owners. Each region where Interstate operates will have its own version of the logo, including Russia, China, India and Europe.
" - Press release issued March 21

Previous logo.

Interstate's previous logo was introduced in 2002, when the comapny was formed through the merger of MeriStar Hotels & Resorts, Inc. and Interstate Hotels Corporation.

A press release about the new corporate identity was sent out on March 21. It was unveiled internally before that.

Press release (archive)

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