Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New logo: Koda

KODA is the copyright collection society for songwriters, composers and publishers in Denmark, the equivalent of ASCAP and BASCA in the US and the UK. Last week, on April 12, it launched a new corporate identity, created by the Danish design agency Kontrapunkt.

The new logo consists of a black square, for stability and seriousness, with different colours appearing behind it to symbolise the music. The note symbol from the previous logo has been made smaller and placed after the name.

Previous logo.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From a news article published by Kontrapunkt:
"Koda is undergoing a major transformation, which the organization wants to highlight in their graphic profile. “We have searched for an expression that both signals new times and keeps the positive from our past. The new logo, so well portrayed with the note, perfectly illustrates what we, as an organization, are meant to do”, says Managing Director Anders Lassen.

Koda is an organization with several roles. It helps users get legal access to the music, distributes the money between the members and is also an active sponsor of the Danish music scene.

Designer at Kontrapunkt, Peter Folkmar, elaborates on the new visual identity: “We developed a scheme of tone-colors to reflect both the different roles of the organization and the diversity of the members. The note is placed like a copyright symbol to underline Koda’s role as a protector of copyrights. The black square expresses a serious and stable administrator and the letters have been changed to lower cases to also reflect that Koda is an accommodating and service-minded organization. The music is peeking out in the background, as a colorful halo, encompassing the diversity of its member and giving the logo a dynamic and vivid expression.”

Kontrapunkt has given Koda a strong visual identity that reflects the organization’s vision of pro-actively entering the future. The new visual identity is being rolled out on everything from printed materials to signage, interior and websites.

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