Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New logo: Magnum Infinity

The international food giant Unilever spent the latter half of the 20th century buying up ice cream companies and expanding to gain a leading role on the worldwide ice cream market. These days, much of the brand and product development has been centralised, and Unilever are usually releasing at least one new product every year across its European markets, usually under its Magnum, Cornetto and Solero brands.

This year's new product line is called Magnum Infinity, a chocolate ice cream bar with a coating of dark chocolate.

The product logo features an infinity symbol with a full range of colours. Compared to other Magnum packaging, which uses colours associated with the individual producs (mostly brown), the Magnum Infitinity packaging is unusually colourful.

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Magnum Infinity has been available at least since late February, perhaps slightly earlier. A major marketing campaign is currently going on with different activities in several markets.

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