Monday, April 30, 2012

New logo: Op 12

VRT, the public broadcaster for the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, will launch a new TV channel tomorrow, May 1. The new channel, which will be VRT's third, will house children's programming from the morning until 8 p.m. under VRT's children's brand Ketnet. Ketnet currently shares VRT's second TV channel with a channel brand called Canvas, which broadcasts current affairs, culture and entertainment, and this exercise will allow Canvas to extend its schedule to cover the afternoon and early evening.

Ketnet only occupies the third channel until 8 p.m., and VRT will use the remaining space for mixed programming including sports and special events as well as programming targeting young people and expat communities. It will all be gathered under the label Op 12, usually linked with established VRT brands. For example, sports will be branded Sporza op 12 and music programmes will be branded MNM op 12 or Studio Brussel op 12 after VRT's radio networks. The Op 12 logo contains a speech balloon with room for the associated brands.

The name Op 12 means "On 12", a name taken from the channel number where most of the Flemish will find it.

Logos for "MNM op 12" and "Studio Brussel op 12".

The plans for Op 12 were unveiled on April 27, as was the logo system.

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