Friday, April 13, 2012

New logo: Screenvision

Screenvision is a major U.S. cinema advertising company, delivering pre-movie advertising to over 14,000 screens. Recently, it introduced a new advertising pre-show called "The Limelight" involving a mobile app called "screenfanz", which Screenvision humbly describes as "redefining the movie-going experience". Along with that came a new brand identity. The new colors are taken from the name of the pre-show, and the 'S' icon can be divided into two parts that can be used as visual devices.

The new brand strategy was devised by Lee Heffernan, Screenvision's marketing VP, and Lee Hunt, who ran a prominent broadcast design studio in the 1990s. New York studio Loyalkaspar are said to have brought their vision to life, which probably means they devised the new motion graphics, and perhaps the logo as well.

Previous logo.
From a press release, issued April 6:
"The reinvention of Screenvision's 20-minute pre-show begins with a new logo, graphics and color palette, one that complements the new name, The Limelight, as well as the clean, functional design aesthetics that are the standard for web and mobile services.

In contrasting shades of cool lime green, the new logo is also three-dimensional and two-part, with the upper and lower portions of the Screenvision "S" functioning as independent visual units for animation and video, in theaters, on the web and mobile. CMOR, the popular robot host of Screenvision's pre-show since 2010, has also received a modern makeover. He has emerged with a sleek, clean, airbrushed style, one in line with the design of the mobile device he wields in the 20-minute pre-show to familiarize and guide consumers through the in-theatre offerings and other information. To facilitate understanding and immediate use of the many mobile-driven offerings, Screenvision's design team has created over two dozen customized icons, ones which consumers can use to jump to chat, trivia, awards, the theater concession menu and much more.
Apologies for the low-resolution logo at the top of this page.

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