Monday, April 16, 2012

New logo: TNT

TNT (which once stood for Turner Network Television) is one one of the most watched cable TV networks in the United States, usually being one of the ten most watched cable networks in primetime. It has a heavy emphasis on drama and some sports, and has been marketed with the tagline "We Know Drama" for the last eleven years.

In the last month, TNT has slowly rolled out a new marketing platform, which includes a new logo with focus on the word "drama".

It seems promos with the new branding started running in March, with a full launch in April. It appears the new "Drama" logo will not entirely replace the previous circular logo, rather they will support each other. But the fact that TNT has moved its website from to suggests this branding is intended to be permanent.

Another part of the new branding is a new visual language, dominated by text in the same typeface as the logo on a simple black bakground.

Previous logo, introduced in 2008.

TNT's circular logo was created by Trollbäck+Company and launched in June 2001, along with the tagline "We Know Drama".

A new graphics package created by Troika Design Group was launched in December 2008, and involved a slightly revised logo with a metallic treatment and a swirling gold and silver effect called "Dramatic light" gold and silver effects.

The TNT logo as it appeared in 2001.

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