Monday, April 16, 2012

New logos: Cuisine+ and Maison+

In May last year, the French pay TV broadcaster Canal+ relaunched most of its wide range of thematic TV channels, bringing them together by added a "plus" to their names and giving them similar logos. Some of the channels owned by Canal+ were unaffected by this rebrand, but two of them followed suit this month. On April 5, the group's cooking and home-styling channels, previously known as and Télé Maison, became Cuisine+ and Maison+.

For more visuals, I refer you to the French TV design blog Lenodal, where you'll find an extensive entry on the subject. The new identities were developed by Canal+' in-house team.

A press release about the rebrand was issued on March 7. was launched in 2001 and the launch logo lasted until the namechange. Télé Maison's logo was introduced in January 2009, when that name was adopted.

Previous logo.

Previous Télé Maison logo.

Some logos of other channels operated by Canal+ in the French market.

Press release (archive)
Canalsat magazine

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