Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New logo: Australian Associated Press

Australia's national news agency, the Australian Associated Press (AAP), announced a new corporate identity last week, on May 24. The new symbol is "a stylised ribbon that represents the 24/7 flow of breaking news for which AAP is renowned". Melbourne agency Charles Elena Design designed the new branding, while Tempo Partners get a consultant credit.

The rebranding is part of streamlining of AAP's many product brands, and involved giving many of them new names. The different divisions now all use the symbol, but with colour coding that allows them to be easily identified.

AAP says rebranding is the "largest overhaul of the existing corporate image in nearly 25 years". It should be fully implemented in June.

Previous logo.


From a case study included in the brand pdf:
Brand Objectives
• Position AAP as the leader in Australian news, information and business services.
• Ensure that AAP’s brands reflect the core brand message of ‘Connecting Media’ and its meaning in a digital age.
• Unify the look and feel of each brand with a mark that shows that each is a part of the AAP family.

The Design Objectives
• Give the AAP brand a contemporary and professional look and feel.
• Develop a system that enables each division to flourish, but unites them as part of AAP.
• Reinforce the depth and breadth of AAP’s offer and enable the audience to easily navigate across the suite of products and services.
• Create a visual system, guidelines and key brand templates that enable AAP to manage the new brand identity.

The result
A revitalised master and sub-brand logo with key brand templates using overlapping gradients to communicate “connects”. The circle device has been retained to leverage the equity of the original mark and has been introduced across the suite of sub-brands to create a unified family A strategic decision was made to endorse the AAP subbrands with the tagline “an AAP business”. The masterbrand endorsement across sub-brands has been introduced to ensure the audience knows these businesses are part of AAP.


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