Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New logo: Australian Youth Orchestra

The Australian Youth Orchestra is an Australian organisation for young classical musicians, operating several orchestras and training programmes. This month, it has adopted a new visual identity, created by Landor in Sydney.

The three initials have each been turned into two abstract outlined letterforms, one rigid outer shell and a more dynamic inner version that can change form and animate. The two letters are blended together to create several more lines, apparently inspired by musical staves. (You kids at home can recreate this with the "Blend" tool in Illustrator.)

There are a few more visuals available on Desktop.

Previous logo.

AYO's previous logo featured a symbol made up of a cello or violin that somewhat resembled the Australian continent. It was updated a few years ago (around 2008/2009) when the symbol was tilted and a new typeface was adopted.

An earlier version of the previous logo.

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