Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New logo: Bravo Canada

Bravo is a Canadian cable network dedicated to films, drama and the arts. The name is licensed from the American network with the same name, although the two don't share many similarities anymore, as the American Bravo has devolved into a reality TV network, while Bravo Canada has had to keep some of its original format.

Bravo Canada never adopted the speech balloon logo of its American counterpart, preferring to hold on to a wordmark similar to the one used by Bravo U.S. in the 90s, with an added exclamation mark. That ended this weekend when Bravo dropped the exclamation mark and introduced a solid tighlty letter-spaced lowercase wordmark.

Previous logo.


  1. Nice editorializing, hahaha even if I agree a little, devolved is a strong word. Bravo (US) has just conformed to what the market wants. Kathy Griffin's programming is pretty funny, Inside the Actors Studio still is topical, and indulging in Million Dollar Listing, and Flipping Out, are like eating Ben & Jerry's, you know it's bad for you but it's so good.

  2. There were two videos of my music made for this channel by two different filmmakers that aired mostly in 1998. How to I find this stuff?

    Ken Skinner (and the jazzmongers!)