Friday, May 25, 2012

New logo: CY 2012 EU

Cyprus takes over Presidency of the Council of the EU from Denmark in July. Earlier this month, the presidency unveiled its official logo. The blue shape should be interpreted as a ship or a dove, and three other shapes that are its sails or wings.

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The presidency has provided a lengthy explanation of its logo, which is republished below for posterity:
The design and the colours of the logo of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU, in addition to conveying messages, lend grace and harmony to the design of the official website, the publications, the stationery, the commemorative gifts of the Presidency, and also of the internal and external decorations to be used during the Presidency.

The Cyprus Presidency Logo expressesin a simple but eloquent manner the character of Cyprus as the country presiding the Council, using a language that is both familiar and easy to understand by all our European partners.

The logo depicts a sailing ship, which brings to mind the island character of Cyprus, with its long maritime tradition and the fact that Cyprus today has the third largest fleet in the EU. This ship is sailing towards Europe and is on course for a “Better Europe”.

This ship, painted in the blue colour of the EU, while it is sailing becomes a bird, the universal symbol of peace and the herald of the message we want to share with our partners: the vision for a ‘Better Europe” dedicated to the fundamental principle of solidarity and a Europe, which is in a position to face more effectively today’s challenges and ensure the cohesion of the European edifice.

On the upper side of the ship/bird three sails are hoisted. The copper and green, colours inspired by our flag and the sun-bathed and dotted with olive trees copper producing land of Cyprus. The third colour is the blue of the sea and the clear friendly sky, which provides cover for the harmonious co-existence of peoples, and also between man and the environment, in a place profoundly and truly hospitable. It brings to mind not only the traditional sense of the word hospitality, but also a heartfelt welcome to innovation and growth, to commercial and intellectual exchanges and to “unity in diversity”. In this way, the Cyprus Presidency will afford the opportunity to the Cypriot citizen to experience the feeling of his identity as a citizen of Europe and to contribute his stroke of the brush in building tomorrow’s Europe.

Cyprus Mail

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