Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New logo: E!

E!, the cable network dedicated to entertainment, celebrities and reality TV, unveiled an overhaul of its iconic logo at its upfront in New York yesterday, April 30. The E breaks out from it exclamation mark frame, allowing the letter to form the line in the exclamation mark itself. The example released by NBCUniversal carries the new tagline "Pop of Culture".

The new logo launches in the United States and Canada on July 9, expanding to E!'s international outlets in September.

E! has used its current logo since its launch back in 1990. Early iterations could take on several different neon colors, but since the late 90s the logo has typically been red and white.

The outgoing E! logo.

Some more information on the change may be gathered from this excerpt from a press release issued by NBCUniversal yesterday.
"E! Entertainment is revealing the next phase of the network’s evolution at its Upfront event this evening in New York. The evolution is centered on expanding, elevating and enhancing the global pop culture brand to achieve the network’s mission to inspire and entertain the pop culture fan in all of us. The evolution, including a stylish new look, logo, tagline and brand campaign, embodies the way that pop culture has been embraced, redefined and amplified across today’s social spectrum. The global brand refresh debuts Monday, July 9 with the premiere of E!’s new series “Opening Act,” and will be rolling out the same day in Canada and internationally beginning this September. With its tremendous reach and influence, E! delivers more original programming than any other network seven days a week, 365 days a year and connects fans to pop culture 24/7 across its highly popular digital platforms. E! is the undeniable leader in entertainment news and presents topical programming that is more timely and up-to-the-minute than any other network.

“Our new look and programming plans are designed to more fully realize our brand’s potential and continue to build on our growth and success,” said Suzanne Kolb, President, E! "From news to reality to live events, E! lives at the epicenter of pop culture. For us, this exciting next chapter is all about never letting anyone go a minute without their ‘pop of culture.’”

E! defines pop culture as the topics that fascinate us all – personalities, trends, music, fashion, TV, movies, art, nightlife, philanthropy, technology, design and sports. Constantly evolving and surprising, it is what drives society, and the network’s research indicates that most people – particularly young adults – believe pop culture is important to their lives. E!’s updated look and logo, new “Pop of Culture” tagline and talent-driven brand spots help bring this to life in a uniquely E! way.
An E! logo from the 90s.

Press release (archive)

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